Stiga Electric Blower BL 130c V single phase 2600W (MADE IN ITALY)

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Leaf blower/vacuum powered by a 2600 W electric motor with maximum air flow rate of 7 m³/min. 45 litre leaf collector supplied.
  • 2600 W brushless electric motor
  • Vacuum function with 45 litre leaf collector included.
  • Maximum air flow rate of 7 m³/min
  • Maximum air speed of 92 m/s
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Technical specs

Series Series 1
SKU 255260002/ST1
Level Essential
EAN/UPC 8008984853775
Power 2.6 kW
Power source Electric
Motor type Normal
Maximum motor speed 16800 rpm
Maximum air volume 7 m³/min
Maximum air speed 92 m/s
Vacuum function Yes
Vacuum bag capacity 45 l
Soft grip handle Yes
Plug type Schuko (Type F)
Measured sound power level dB(A) 95
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) – dB(A) 98
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A) 75
Vibration level hand (m/s2) 1.7
Pack weight 6.2 kg
Product weight 4.62 kg
Product length 980 mm
Product width 220 mm
Product height 335 mm


You should always adjust the intensity of the air flow according to the type of material to be removed:

– low speed for light materials and small twigs on the grass.

– medium speed for moving grass and light leaves on asphalt or solid ground.

– maximum speed for heavier materials such as fresh snow, wet leaves or large pieces of dirt.

You are always recommended to pay careful attention to prevent the material removed or dust from injuring people or animals and damaging

property. Always check the wind direction and never work against the wind.

For more details, please see the user manual.

Yes, this electric leaf blower has a vacuum + mulcher function and has a collection bag for the vacuumed material.

The vacuumed material is also mulched before being conveyed into the collection bag. This makes it ideal for collecting leaves, grass and small twigs with a diameter less than 4 mm.

It is recommended not to collect wet grass or leaves to avoid obstructing the internal pipes and the mulching rotor.

It is recommended not to fill the collection bag right up to the top but to empty it beforehand. This results in greater operating comfort, given the reduced weight of the bag, and the electric leaf blower operating efficiently.


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