4 stroke 5hp 82cc Air cooled Petrol outboard motor

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Bracket: Material: Aluminium Rod, Plastisol Propeller

Drive Rod Length: 56cm/22.05inch

Small Bracket Size: 19*8cm/7.48*3.15inch

Control Lever Length: 53cm/20.87inch

Package Size: 94*19*16cm/37.01*7.48*6.30inch

Net Weight: 4.7kg/10.36lbs

Gross Weight: 4.95kg/10.91lbs

Engine: Color: Orange, Black, Silver

Size: 26*22.5*29cm/10.24*8.86*11.42inch

Engine Model: Four-stroke 144F

Displacement: 83.2cc

Air-cooling Mode: Forced Air-cooling

Gasoline Volume: 1.2L /0.32gal

Starting Method: Hand-pull Start

Steering: Handle Steering

Fuel Consumption: 1-1.2 Hours/ One Tank of Gasoline

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Mounting Type: Engine

Package Size:33.5*29.5*23.5cm/13.2*11.6*9.2inch

Net Weight: 5.8kg/12.8lbs

Gross Weight: 6kg/13.2lbs

Size After Installation: 26*53*113cm/10.24*20.87*44.49inch

Features & details

  • ⭐Great Durability: This bracket of the outboard engine is made of sturdy and durable aluminum and plastisol. And the engine is covered by a plastic housing, which is waterproof. So it has a long service life, and you can use it with confidence.
  • ⭐Reliable and Safe: It uses 4-stroke power and air-cooling technology to improve the reliability and safety of the entire machine. It even allows for smooth and safe steering.
  • ⭐Speed Adjustable: There is a speed adjustment handle on this engine’s control lever. The speed can be controlled by rotating the handle.
  • ⭐Powerful Engine: The engine is a 4-stroke 1.6kw engine, so its power is very strong. Its speed can reach 15km/h. So the superpower engine makes it very time-saving and energy-saving. You can travel quickly through the river with it.
  • ⭐Convenient Control Lever: This engine has a lever to control the direction within 360° and a handle on the lever to control the speed. It is convenient to control the running speed by adjusting the handle as well as controlling the running direction by adjusting the lever.
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4 stroke 2.5HP air cooled outboard motor:

Displacement: 83.2cc, 5HP Engine:144F,4-stroke,air-cooled,1 Cylinder
Rated output power: 3.2kW/9500rpm Max. Engine speed:8000/min
Fuel tank capacity:1300ml Engine oil capacity:250ml
Propeller diameter:180mm

Shaft length:70cm
Handle length:46cm 360°rotary handle with self lock


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