Stihl Pole Pruners

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Model Weight kg Displacement cm³ Power outputkW/bhp Total length cm STIHL ElastoStart Anti-vibration system STIHL 4-MIX engine Shoulder strap / carrying system Cable strain relief
HT 75 6,95 25,4 0,95/1,3 270 – 390 1)
HTE 60 electric pruner 1,45/- 210 1)

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The STIHL pole prunersFor pruning tall trees from the ground

Where the demands of a job are particularly high, STIHL pole pruners demonstrate their true magnitude. Because when it comes to maintaining orchards and thinning out shrubs and bushes, these tools are ideal for treetop work. Depending on the model, they make it easy to cut branches up to 5 m above your position on the ground.


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