Petrol Pumpset Wx15


Product Details:

Stroke 4
Power Source Gasoline
Pump Type Centrifugal Pump
Automation Grade Manual
Condition New
Motor Horsepower 2 – 5 HP
Motor Phase Single Phase
Type of End Use Agricultural

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  • Suction length: 8m, flow: 133l/min, lift: 30m (Vertical), water outlet diameter: 40mm
  • Petrol powered 4-stroke engine, engine: 1.67 hp/42.7 cc
  • Good-quality design / sturdy frame
  • Air-cooled / starter cord / 1.5-inch hose connection

Petrol water pump is an economical and powerful petrol-driven water pump – ideal for handling large capacity of water. It features a 1.5-inch hose connection. Due to its tough, petrol-driven 4-stroke engine, you can work entirely independent of a mains supply. With its capacity of 8000 litres per hour (133.33 litres per minute), the water pump is perfect for garden work, irrigating green spaces, flowerbeds or draining swimming pools. The flow rate can be adjusted at any time. Once you installed the attached prefilter, the pump can also be used for draining ponds, wells, cisterns and ditches. The water pump starts via starter cord. Its simple construction allows easy operation, maintenance and cleansing. The pumps compact design and its sturdy frame makes it perfect for portable use too.


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