Mini Tiller 68cc 3.2HP


Product Details:

Machine Attachments Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill
Bore X Stroke 68×2
No Of Gears 2
No Of Rotary Blades 4
Engine Cooling System air



  • 68cc motor
  • 9,000 rpm max. output
  • 2-stroke engine
  • Mud-resistant wheels
  • Designed for safety
  • 6x steel blades
  • Extra wide 400mm tilling width
  • Includes hand throttle
  • Quick-release controls
  • Can be folded for storage
  • Up to 150mm adjustable tilling depth
  • Recoil (pull cord start)
  • 1L fuel volume
  • Runs on regular unleaded

    NEW 68CC ArmorBilt Tiller Rotary Hoe Garden Cultivator Tine

    For superior performance that can tackle even the toughest terrain, this 68cc 9000RPM Armor Bilt tiller is the ideal choice for you. With a tilling width capability of 400mm, it goes to say that you’ll get to work on more soil in less time. Likewise, its adjustable tilling depth can be tweaked to up to 150mm so you can fine-tune it according to the right measurement for your seed bed.

    Safe and effortless to operate, this Armor Bilt tiller comes equipped with a hand throttle and quick-release controls so you can steer it safely on the field. Once done, just fold it up and conveniently store it. Its wheels are mud-resistant and can easily tread in tough terrain while its six steel blades crumble soil efficiently.

    If you need tillers with a different engine power or performance, feel free to check out our different tillers at our store!

    Tilling Scope(6blade): 400mm
    Tilling Depth: 150mm
    Engine Type: 2 stroke
    Starting System: Recoil
    Displacement: 68cc
    Fuel-oil Ratio: 25:1
    Rpm: 9000rpm
    Fuel Volume: 1.2L
    Cutting 6 blade


    Dimensions & Weight
    Package Size(LxWxH): 450x390x530mm
    Weight: 18.8kgs



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