Makita Telescopic Petrol Pole Saw Ey2650h25h


Product Description

Telescopic petrol pole saw loaded with a 25.4mL Makita 4-stroke engine
Lightweight pole saw head for reduced operator fatigue
In compliance with main exhaust emission regulations, including the regulations of San Dimas
Multi-position lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle for continuous operation without emission of the white smoke and the smell of burning engine oil.
Ideal for pruning and limbing in tall trees or hard to reach areas
Reduced fuel consumption and operating costs impact versus competitive 2 stroke models
Cleaner 4-stroke emissions limits environmental impact and reduced carbon buildup in engine.
Decompression valve and primer pump enable quick and easy starting.
Fully compliant with CARB Tier 3, EPA Phase 2, EU Stage 2 exhaust emissions regulations
Powerful fuel efficient 25.4 mL MM4 commercial duty engine
4-stroke engine requires no fuel mix
Efficient 4-stroke engine has lower emissions
4-stroke for low noise and low emission

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Product Specification
Brand Makita
Saw chain Gauge: 1.3 mm (0.050″) Pitch : 3/8″
Net Weight 7.2 kg
Displacement 25.4 mL
Engine power 0.77 kW / 1.1 PS
Fuel tank 0.6 L
Sound power level 107.3 dB(A)
Sound pressure level 89.5 dB(A)
Vibration level Front handle 7.2 m/s
Vibration level Rear handle 5.3 m/s
Dimensions L x W x H 2,720x223x240 mm


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