Makita Petrol Chainsaw EA6100P45E


Model No: EA6100P45E
Product Type: Petrol Chainsaw
Brand: Makita
Size: 380-600 mm
Oil Tank Capacity: 480 mL
Saw chain : Pitch: 0.325 or 3/8″ Gauge : 1.5mm (0.058″)
Displacement: 60.7mL
Engine Power: 3.4kW / 4.6PS
Engine Type : 2 Stroke
Fuel tank: 0.8L
Chain oil tank: 0.48L
Sound power level: 117dB(A)
Sound pressure level: 105dB(A)
Vibration level Front handle: 5.0m/s²
Vibration level Rear handle: 4.0m/s²
Weight: 7 Kg (Approx)

Makita EA6100P45E Petrol Chainsaw, 450mm 3.4kW

Low-vibration system with damper springs to absorb vibration from engine to integrated front and rear handles.
Enhanced air filtration; centrifugal separation system effectively removes dust particles away from intake air and reduces dust
stuck on the filter.
Easy start-up with spring-assisted recoil starter reduces user’s fatigue by the drastic reduction of resistance caused when the
starter rope is pulled.


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