Knapsack Power Sprayer Four Stroke (35cc Model)

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A sprayer consisting of a handheld nozzle supplied from a pressurized reservoir that is carried on the back like a knapsack.

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Product Details:

Capacity 20 liters
Colour Red
Tank Capacity 25L
Color RED
Fuel Type Petrol
Model Number 768
Weight 10KG EMPTY

Work ability
– With consideration to reducing the load to the operator.
– Adopts “S”-shaped shoulder belt and large back pad designed to fit the body comfortably

– Detachable nozzle holder: The nozzle and hose which gets in the way when moving can be contained neatly.
– Big tank cap
– Independent operation box
– Handles located on both sides of the tank’s lower body for easy lifting

Fuel Economy
– Equipped with Mini. 4-stroke  GX 35 Engine

– Newly Conspicuous “Design”

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