INTEX USA Inflatable Kiddie baby and adult swimming Pool (57104/57107/57412/57100/56441/57403/57180/57495/56483)

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Play Box Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Make a splash in the Intex Play Box Pool! A soft, inflatable floor is included for extra comfort while you play.
Assorted Colors: Blue and Pink
Built with 10ga vinyl
Approximate inflated size: 33.5in L x 33.5in W x 9in H
Water capacity: 15 gallons (7in of wall height)
Includes: Soft inflatable floor and a repair patch Age grading 1-3 years

SKU: 57100EP
Weight: 2.26 LBS
Age Grading: 1-3

The Intex Sunset Glow Kiddie Pool is perfect for the kids who like to go underwater. Designed with 3 bright, colorful rings and a comfy inflatable floor, it sets up easily in the backyard for loads of splash-filled fun.

The pool allows for 7in of water (35 gal)
Repair patch included
3 rings, soft inflatable floor
Approximate inflated size: 45in X 10in
For ages 2+

SKU: 57412EP
Weight: 2.50 LBS
Age Grading: 2+

Make a splash this summer with the Intex Swim Center™ Family Pool! The wide side walls allow for maximum play room, and three air chambers, each with a combo valve, make inflation and deflation a breeze. Your family and friends can keep cool and enjoy this fun pool, all summer long!

Constructed with 3 air chambers with combo valves for quick inflation and deflation
12ga vinyl
Water Capacity: 277 gallons (14in of wall height)
Approximate inflated size: 120in L x 72in W x 22in H
Age grade: 6+ years
Repair patch included

Weight:15.43 LBS
Age Grading:6+

Make a splash this summer while playing in the Intex Beach Wave Swim Center™ Family Pool! The unique square shape allows for maximum play room and the wide sidewalls give extra comfort and stability. The wave shape makes this pool fun and interesting for all.

Approximate inflated size: 90in L x 90in W x 22in H
Built with 13ga vinyl
Water Capacity: 330 gallons (13in of wall height)
Features wave shape and 3 rings
Includes drain plug and repair patch
Age grade: 6+ years

Weight:14.71 LBS
Age Grading:6+


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