HONDA Portable 4 stroke GX35 petrol ground hole drill earth augers with 6 inch bit


Product Details:

Power 2
Model GX35
Engine Displacement Yes
Color RED
Material CI
Digging Depth(millimetre) 3FT
Drill Size(millimetre) 6 INCH
Weight(Kilogram) 10
Capacity 1 LITER
Machine Type Semi-Automatic

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Hole Digger is the first professional-series, 1-man, hand-held gasoline-powered auger to feature an all position, 4 Stroke engine. No more mixing oil with gas. No more separate fuel cans. And, no more smoky, 2 Stroke exhaust mess because of the Honda engine burns cleaner and meets current EPA emission standards. The M240H is built with professional features that make it ideal both contractors and homeowners alike. Performance to dig up to an 8 in. (203 mm) Dia hole in a variety of soil classifications. Built with oversized ball bearings, heat treated shafts and precision, machine-cut gears designed to deliver long service life. The unique Comfort-Zone operator handle design helps maximize operator strength while reducing the effects of kickback and body fatigue.

  • Powered by Honda gx35 all position, 4 stroke engine (no more mixing gas and oil)
  • Centrifugal, all metal, sling type clutch
  • Straight cut, heat treated, spur gear design transmission
  • Sealed bearings
  • Accepts 1 in. round and 1 in. square hub augers (sold separately)
  • Heavy duty frame to reduce vibration for greater user comfort and control


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