Honda Gx160 Power Sprayer


Product Details:

Material Cast Iron
Brand Honda
Color Red
Weight 60kg
Ignition System Spark Plug
Air Cleaner Air filter
Features For sprayer
Types Any
Capacity Any
Cylinder Sleeve Type Horizon cyliner
Oil Capacity 1 litre
Speed 3600 rpm
Starter Recoil starter
Lubrication 20W40 4T oil
Engine Max Net Torque 3.4hp
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Honda Gx160 engine with htps sprayer hose pipe and gun Description:  Model OS-S22-F S30-F Pressure 0-40 kg/cm2 Suction Volume 14-22 L/min Engine Power 5.5-6.5 HP Weight 29.0 kg Dimensions(LxWxH) 680x370x400mm


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