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Honda Gx160 Power Sprayer


Product Details:

Condition New
Carburettor DIAPHRAGM
Discharge 30LPM
Emission NORMAL
Engine GX160
Fuel Consumption 1LPH
Fuel Type Petrol
Plunger Number Dia Stroke AS PER MANUAL
Delivery Hose 50M
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Power sprayer with Honda engine

Honda Engine GX160 5HP

These Piston Power Sprayers can be fitted onto tractor or coupled with engine/ electric motor. These power sprayers are specially designed for spraying on Orchards and Hilly Terrain. Also suitable for spraying on Apple, Grape, Coffee, Rubber Trees and Field Crops. They find applications in large farm houses, golf courses etc..  

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This power sprayer is a Horizontal Triplex Pump (HTP) with Crank Shaft working in Oil Bath. The brass portion of the pump is an assembly of 3 chambers viz. Suction Chamber at the bottom, Valve Chamber at the centre, and Delivery Chamber at the top. The Pressure Vessel is mounted on the Delivery Chamber to stabilize the pressure. The Pistons and Valves (Suction and Delivery) are made from Stainless Steel.


  • Triplex Pump with three Stainless Steel Pistons.
  • All moving parts such as Connecting rods, Crankshaft, Crank bearings etc. lubricated by oil bath.
  • Needs 3 HP Engine or Electric Motor.
  • Suction Hose fitted with Strainer, By-Pass Hose provided.
  • Twin Delivery Spouts fitted with Discharge Cocks.
  • Can be supplied with Delivery Hose & Spray Gun.
  • Convenient to attach two discharge lines with two Spray Guns simultaneously.
  • Suitable for large spraying operations in hilly areas, orchards, coffee.


Model No. : H3P-30WB
Net Weight : 10 Kg
Total Weight With Carrying Cradle & Honda Engine (Hp-19/15) : 50 Kg
Box Dimensions : 43 X 32 X 36 cm
No. of Pistons : 3
Diameter of Piston : 30mm
Stroke Length : 20mm
Suction Capacity : 29-34 Litres/min at 700-800 rpm
Pressure : 15-35 Kgf/cm² (bar) or 220-510 psi
Power Capacity : 3-5 HP


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