Honda GK300 Engine


Product Details:

Model gk300
Material CI
Color red
Weight 25
Speed 3600 rpm
Starter recoil
Lubrication oil

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Kerosene EnginesGK300

The multipurpose portable engines are manufactured in collaboration with the Honda Motor Company, Japan. Armed with the latest, world-renowned 4-stroke Honda Technology, it can out perform any Engine in its class.

  • 4 stroke
  • Single Cylinder
  • Horizontal Shaft
  • Transistor Type Magneto Ignition
  • Model: GK300
    Type: 4 stroke, Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, Horizontal Shaft
    Displacement: 272 c.c.
    Engine Net Power *: 4.0 kW @ 3,600 rpm
    Engine Max. Net Torque *: 12.4 Nm @ 2,500 rpm
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.1 litre (Kerosene), 0.35 litre (Gasoline)
    Ignition System: Fly wheel Magneto Ignition, Transistor Type Magneto Ignition
    Air Cleaner: Semi Dry
    Dry Weight: 23.0 kg
    Dimensions LxWxH: 385 X 410 X 470 mm


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