Honda GK100cc 2hp 4stroke Petrol Start Kerosene Run Engine (keyway shaft)

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This HONDA Kerosene Engine GK100 has the OHC design that is driven by a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt, which makes the engine more compact and lightweight. A special cast iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon steel, dual ball-bearing crankshaft ensure a high durability and reliability. The unique OHC layout combined with a large-capacity muffler reduces engine noise to low levels for better user-friendliness, Meets world’s most stringent environmental legislation. A compact combustion chamber with high thermal efficiency ensures low fuel consumption.

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Package Contents 1
Model Number GK100
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Number Of Cylinders 1
Displacement 97.7 CC
Dimensions 275 x 263 x 340 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 1 L
Engine Speed 4200 RPM
Fuel Type Kerosene


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