4 Stroke 173CC 3.2kW Big Power Post Hole Digger 8HP and 3600rpm earth auger Machine with 16 inch auger bit


4 Stroke 173cc 3.2kW Big Power Post Hole Digger Ground Drilling Machine Earth Auger, ​Full Crankshaft Engine, Heavy Duty Petrol Earth Auger(with 16 inch Drill)


It is a four-stroke post-hole digger made of aluminum alloy, steel, and plastic. It has a strong power of 8HP and 3600rpm, which can save you time and effort in digging holes. And it operates with low noise, giving you a more comfortable user experience!

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Key Features

Strong Power: It has a maximum power of up to 3.2kw, 8HP, which can provide you with 3600rpm strong power, and the ball bearing and alloy gear transmission device makes your drilling work easier.

Easy to Operate: The flameout switch on the handle allows fast shutdown. And the T-handle with self-rebound spring can start the machine smoothly and easily.

Fuel-saving and Money-saving: The stable carburetor can fully burn fuel, reduce fuel consumption(≤ 395g/ kWh) and save your gasoline cost.

Good Heat Dissipation: Many holes and a forced air cooling system ensure the continuous operation of the machine without stalling and prolonging its service life.

Low Noise: The exhaust muffler is used to reduce the noise disturbance for your trenching operation.

Durable Material: It consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy, steel, and plastic material, which is sturdy and durable, and works well.

Protective Shipping: In order to prevent it from being damaged and bumped during transportation, we fill the package with anti-collision protection foam to protect your products to the maximum extent possible.

Excellent After-Sales Service: We aim to provide quality products and services, if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.


Four-stroke Engine: Compared with two-stroke excavators, four-stroke has the characteristics of high power, fuel saving, environmental protection, and low noise, and has independent petrol and oil tanks that can be filled separately without matching, which is simple and convenient.

Four Handles: Four steel ergonomic handles are suitable for two people to operate together, providing you with safer and more convenient operation.


The 4-stroke post-hole digger is ideal for fast drilling into the soil. It allows easy setting of fence posts, trees, shrubs, utility poles, etc. on the ground.

How to Use

  • Add engine oil first, then gasoline.
  • After refueling, turn on the flameout switch (on the handle).
  • Press the red fuel pump on the carburetor 2-3 times.
  • Pull the starting handle to start the machine.


Model: HJDZ-98-01

Color: Black & Orange & Grey

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Plastic

Uses: Digging Holes

Displacement: 173cc

Horse Power: 8HP

Engine Type: Single Cylinder Horizontal

Engine Stroke: 4-stroke

Fuel Consumption: 395g/kw·h

Cooling System: Forced Air

Ignition System: Capacitance Discharge Type

PTO Shaft Rotation: Vertical Shaft Output

Bore x Stroke: 70 x 45mm/ 2.76 x 1.77in

Theoretical Maximum Power: 3.2kW/3600rpm

Recommended Using Power: 2.4kW/3000rpm

Maximum Torque: 9.0N·m/2500rpm

Fuel Tank Volume: 1L/ 0.26Gal

Recommended Gasoline Type: Above 90 #

Maximum Drill Diameter: 50cm/ 19.69in

Recommended Engine Oil Type: SAE10W-30

Product Head Size(L*W): 40*34cm/ 15.7*13.3in

Product Size: 115*65*53cm/ 45.2*25.5*20.8in

Package Size: 62*45*54cm/ 24.4*17.72*21.26in

Gross Weight: 32kg/ 70.55lbs

Package Included

1*4-stroke Post-hole Digger

4* Handles

1* English Operation Manual

16 inch auger bit

All Need Accessories


  • Please read the operating manual completely before use. And pay particular attention to the safety instructions included.
  • Please note that this product does not include drill bits. Please prepare before use.
  • Please wear safety glasses, gloves, and leg protectors to ensure safe use.
  • Please note that the actual number, depth, and size of holes are related to the hardness of the land.
  • Please fill oil or gasoline in strict accordance with the specified oil hole.
  • Please note that the new machine cannot be used at high speed. Please run in at low speed for 3 hours (equivalent to 5 pots of oil).
  • Please rest for 10 minutes after working for half an hour each time, clean the spark plug and muffler carbon deposit every 50 hours, replace the oil filter, and add gear oil to the gearbox to extend the service life of the engine.
  • Please do not stop the engine suddenly when running at high speed, otherwise, it will be difficult to start the engine next time.
  • When you feel that the vibration of the machine is abnormal, please stop the machine immediately to check whether it is damaged, loose, or eccentric.
  • Please do not use it on the grass with rubble and clean the lawn debris before use to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
  • Please note that there are strict size restrictions on the drill bit. Please do not modify or use the enlarged drill bit without permission.
  • To ensure your safety, please note: do not add gasoline indoors to prevent fire; When the machine is running, do not put your hands and feet near the drill bit; The machine must be stopped when cleaning or checking.
  • When the machine is not used for a long time, the remaining fuel should be poured out, and then the machine should be started to burn all the fuel.
  • Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.


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