Heavy duty Chaff cutter without motor

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Animal Feed Grass Silage Paddy Mini Chaff Cutter Machine
This small cutting straw machine can produce 100-400 kg per hour. It can cut dry and wet grass, straw, crops, forage and so on. Suitable for various farms, it is a convenient farm machinery for breeding
cattle,sheep, horses, deer and other animals.

Working principle of grass cutting machine: Straw Crusher by motor as a supporting power. Will power transfer to the spindle, the other end of the main shaft gear through the gear box, universal joint, etc will pass the speed to transfer the power of the pressure, and when to grass shengkun materials and processing in pressure between shengkun grass pressure was holding and certain tsao kun speed into hay cut institutions, the high speed rotating tool cut up by the grass turned out the mouth.


Model Number GP-CC-9ZT-0.6
Capacity 0.6-1T/h
Motor Power 3hp
Motor Speed 2800 RPM
Power Consumption 3W
Power Requirement 220V


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