DeWatering Pumpset (4hp)

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Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Color Red
Features high,discharge,water,pumpset
Material of Construction CI
Power electric
Power Source Electric
Pump Size 2’x2′
Type of End Use Agricultural
Usage/Application for,irrigation

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1. The pump body is thickened, internal and external anti-corrosion treatment, each unit has passed the closed air pressure test above 4KG, the service life is increased by 3-4 times, safe and reliable, the original distribution line is almost 1 meter.

2. The thickened pump cover with comprehensive anti-corrosion treatment is fixed with the anti-corrosion volute to prevent the pump casing from wearing through, prolonging the service life, improving the comprehensive performance of the pump and increasing the stability performance.

3. Use anti-oxidation copper wire, new silicon steel sheet, .

4. The new improved impeller is used to form a small resistance in the new type of water pump, smooth water flow, and control energy loss to achieve high efficiency.

5. Adopt Chentai special SB silicon carbide mechanical seal, good sealing performance, dry grinding resistance

6. The 22MM steel pipe half frame design with moderate thickness and easy grip.


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