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Bosch AMW 10

  • One power unit with three different attachments
  • 1000 watt motor for high power in every application
  • Quick, tool-free changing from one attachment to another

Power unit with click system for fast changing of attachments

The centrepiece of the AMW 10 is the 1000 watt power unit that delivers high power for every application. It has a handle that can be individually adjusted to adapt it to different tasks and arm lengths. Moreover, it is easy to hang up and store thanks to its short length of about one metre and its integrated hook. The attachments are fitted to the tube of the power unit in only three steps: loosen the adjusting knob, insert the attachment until it clicks in, and tighten the adjusting knob. The trimmer, hedgecutter or tree pruner is then ready to use.

With the trimmer attachment fitted, the AMW 10 is about 1.70 meters long and weighs 5.5 kilograms. Its angled drive shaft makes work easier, as does the supplied shoulder strap. The 3.5-millimetre-thick plastic cutting sticks are very durable and cut the grass very cleanly. A cutting diameter of 36 centimetres ensures rapid work progress.

The hedgecutter attachment has a blade length of 43 centimetres and a tooth opening of 15 millimetres. When it has been clicked in to the power unit, the overall length of the tool is about 2.30 meters. The blade can be swivelled a full 180 degrees, enabling it to be individually adapted to the specific work situation. For example, this makes it possible to also cut the horizontal surface of a higher hedge without having to climb a ladder.

The tree pruner attachment is a chainsaw with a cutting length of 25 centimetres. It can either be clicked directly into the power unit or into an additional extension. Without the extension the tool is 2.10 metres long. With the extension it is 2.80 metres long. It saws at a high chain speed of twelve meters per second. The automatic lubrication system ensures that the chain never runs out of oil.

All three attachments are just as easy to store as the power unit thanks to the hook on the end of their tube. The plastic cutting sticks for the trimmer and the bar and chain for the tree pruner are part of Bosch’s accessory range.

Bosch Amw 10 Multi Function Garden Tool


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