Automatic Seed Cum Fertilizer Dibbler


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Introduction and Application
This tool is suitable for the cultivated soil, especially the sandy soil and suitable for seeds
like wheat, corn, peanut, beans, cotton etc. It can be used for sowing . A person can sow 8000-1000 m2 seeds with a seeder per day.
The efficiency is 4-5 times more than manual seeding. Sowing seeds with our machine
according to season and time will decrease the sowing time and enhance the output
especially, the hilly areas where big machines cannot be used.
Note: KK-MSD-S01 has single barrel and is used for sowing seeds.
1. We can seed 1-3 seeds by adjusting the planting plastic board and depending on
your requirement, select the exact position and put into the plastic board. Now you
will get the exact seeder number for your planting purpose.
2. It is easy to remove the seed drum for troubleshooting and cleaning purposes. 
How to Use
1. Put the seeds into the seeder box .
2. Using your hand, insert the sowing mouth in the soil and then lift the seeder until the mouths leave the soil.
NOTE: Insert the mouths deep into the soil. It should not be lifted up neither quickly nor too slowly. Care must be taken while lifting up i.e., taking the machine out of the soil so that the seeds are evenly placed in the soil.


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