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6 in1 Multi tool Brushcutter 2 stroke 52cc

18,500.00 25,000.00

6 in 1 Multi-Attachment Brush Cutter Machine for multiple uses. Petrol operated 2 stroke brush cutter with a 52cc engine. It is available with chainsaw attachment, hedge trimmer attachment, professional tiller attachment & TCT blade along with paddy guard is ideal for professional paddy cutting, nylon trimmer for trimming the grasses in the lawns and gardens.

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Usage :

  • To harvest crops like paddy, wheat etc. and trim crops like mulberry, weeds, grass, parthenium etc.

Specifications :

  • Product Type: Brush Cutter
  • Brand: STALLION
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled Engine
  • Engine Type: 2 Stroke
  • Displacement: 52 CC
  • Rated Power(kW): 1.6 kW
  • Rated Power(HP): 2.2HP
  • Fuel Used: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1200ml
  • Fuel Consumption: 600ml/hr
  • Oil (Mixing): 40ml(2T)oil/1L of Petrol
  • RPM: 10000
  • Weight: 18kg (Approx)
  • Shaft Size: 26MM

Accessories :

  • Chainsaw Attachment
  • Hedge Trimmer Attachment
  • Professional Tiller Attachment
  • Paddy Cutting TCT Blade.
  • Paddy Guard
  • Tap n Go & Nylon Trimmer
  • Manual Book
  • Shoulder Belt.
  • Oil Mixing Can.
  • Tool Kit.



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