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Short Description
Vi Power Gold Inverter Generator (AGGT52)
5.5 KVA Single Phase, Silent
10 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
Orange & Black in Colour

Vi Power Gold 5.5 KVA Orange & Black Single Phase Silent Inverter Generator With 10 Liters Tank Capacity (AGGT52)

Features :
Power Output: The generator has a maximum output of 5.5 KVA (5500 Watts), making it suitable for a range of applications, including camping, tailgating, outdoor events, and emergency backup power.
Inverter Technology: It utilizes advanced inverter technology, which ensures stable and clean power output, making it safe for sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and televisions. The inverter technology also helps to reduce noise and fuel consumption.
Fuel Efficiency: The Vi Power Gold generator is designed to be fuel-efficient, allowing for longer runtimes on a single tank of fuel. This makes it cost-effective and practical for extended use during power outages or outdoor activities.
Compact and Portable: It features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and store. The built-in handle enhance its portability, enabling you to move it effortlessly to different locations.
Quiet Operation: The generator operates at low noise levels, thanks to noise-reducing technologies and the inverter design. This feature is particularly useful in environments where noise needs to be kept to a minimum, such as campsites or residential areas.
Multiple Outlets: The Vi Power Gold Inverter Generator is equipped with multiple power outlets, including AC outlets and DC outlets. This allows you to power various devices simultaneously, accommodating different power requirements.
Safety Features: It incorporates several safety features, such as overload protection, low oil shutdown, and surge protection. These features help to safeguard the generator and connected devices from potential damage or electrical hazards.
User-Friendly Controls: The generator is designed with user-friendly controls, including an easy-to-read display panel that provides information on fuel level, power output, and other important indicators. It also has a simple start-up mechanism for quick and hassle-free operation.

Specifications :
Model No. : AGGT52
Product Type : Inverter Generator
Brand : Vi Power Gold
Max. Power : 5500 VA (5.5 kVA)
Rated Power : 5000 VA (5 kVA)
Voltage : 220 -240 V
Frequency : 50 Hz
Starting system : Recoil Start
Electricity Connection : Single Phase
AC Socket Quantity : 2
DC Output : 12V/8.3A
Handle & Wheels : Yes
Engine Displacement : 223 cc
Fuel Used : Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity : 10 Liters
Fuel Consumption : 800 ml/Hr
Oil Capacity : 700 ml
Lubrication System : Splash Lubrication
Full Load Running Time : 4 Hrs
Noise Rating : 71 db
Dimension (L x W x H) : 59 x 39 x 54.7 cm
Weight : 39 kg (Approx.)

Special Note :
Before the operation, be sure to add specified engine oil into the crankcase.

What can run together ?
1 Ton Air Conditioner – 1000 W – 3 Can Run Together – Total Watt Usage = 1000 x 3 = 3000 W
Computer/Ceiling Fan/ Television – 80 W – 50 Can Run Together – Total Watt Usage = 80 x 50 = 4000 W
Tube Light – 20 W – 150 Can Run Together – Total Watt Usage = 150 x 20 = 3000 W
Fridge/Refrigerator – 300 W – 10 Can Run Together – Total Watt Usage = 300 x 10 = 3000 W


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